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The Westminister Assembly Transcription Project is an effort to make the “unpublished manuscript writings of the Westminister Assembly and its members as freely and widely avaialable as possible.” Manuscripts written by members of the assembly were found, including correspondence, petitions, personal library lists, unpublished books, and early drafts of published works. This is not a commercialized program, and it is asking for the help of volunteers (scholar, pastor, graduate student, retiree or lay person) to help with the transcriptions.

If an individual wishes to be involved, he or she muswestminister assembly manuscriptt contact the Westminister Assembly Transcription Project, and will be given a test page to transcribe. If the page is found to have been relatively successfully transcribed, the individual will then  be given a manuscript to transcribe for the project. All completed pages will be advertised on the Westminister Assembly web site, added to the Westminister Assembly Digital Libaray (with the transcriber’s name included), and will be available to historians and scholars for purchase.

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