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Open Context is a free resource that allows its users to input primary field research data from archaeology and related fields. By making this data easily available electronically, it can be found and reused in the future by others without any hassle.

Open Context hosts many different projects, with different methodologies, recording systems, and temporal and geographic coverage. It also uses many web-services so that data can be transfered back and forth between Open Context and other applications. Perhaps a very unique aspect of this service is the way in which it facilitates information retrieval by the use of Archaeological Markup Language (ArchaeoML). This system uses an item-based information model, where individual atomic units of observation are related to each other and their descriptions. This allows for deeper searching, with a variety of linked relationships displayed, not only the very obvious.

A myriad of projects are already displayed in Open Context, from the Iraq Heritage Program to the Petra Great Temple Excavations. It is feasible to see a Venetian Heritage Program on this growing web application in the near future, to be modified and accessed by archaeologists as well as the curious public.

Example of database image: Petra Great Temple Site, Aerial View

Example of database image: Petra Great Temple Site, Aerial View

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