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The Genographic Project is an effort funded by National Geographic and IBM. It is generally understood that mankind came from Africa. This project is looking to find out more about the migratory pattern of humans out of Africa. They want to know what kind of an impact culture has had on the genetic variation of humans. They also want to determine how the traditions of cultures has impacted genetic diversity.

To reach these goals scientists have been collecting DNA samples from males, 18 and older, from all over the world. These samples are then categorized and analyzed. Over itme, the human genome mutates and takes on a slightly modified form. These mutations are passed on to the next generation. Using these various mutations, scientists can track lineage. 

The Genographic Project is asking for participants from all over the world. For a fee, an individual will be sent a kit to take a sample of his or her DNA. The sample is then sent to one of 10 laboratories all over the world. The funds generated from these kits are put into the Genographic Legacy Fund. This fund “aims to empower indigenous and traditional peoples by supporting locally-led efforts that can also raise global awareness about the cultural loss indigenous and traditional communities face.” These projects range from preserving the craft of embroidery in Gaza to educating students in Ecuador about their heritage.

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