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This website has everything you could want to know about Italian underwater archaeology. It provides not only news, but also research into studies and current legislation. This wealth of information is focused on the Adriatic Sea, the triveneto, and the cities of Venice and Vicenza.

The labyrinth of links would take weeks to fully explore, but here I will highlight a few of the the most relevant ones.

Venice and the Islands displays articles ranging as far back as 1978 to 2003. One of The Venice Project Center’s greatest resources, Marco Bortoletto himself, can be found among the list of authors featured here. This is a great place to see what the experts are actually saying on the issues pertaining to our project.

Archeolex outlines the laws and regulations that affect underwater archaeology. Some of these even have further links to law books. Very detailed information, might be a good place to look for statistics or concrete factoids.

Even the links page itself has endless information.


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