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ArcheoRisk is the name given to the Decision Support System, created by a team of experts in Venice to manage the 250+ submerged archaeological sites in the Venetian Lagoon. These sites contain information that is very important to understanding the origins of Venice, and their loss to environmental and/or human factors would be irreplaceable. This system relies on Arcview release 3.2, a Geographical Information System platform.

The first part of the DSS is the assessment of archaeological risk. This, in turn, is based on two databases, an archaeological one and an environmental one. The archaeological database collects information from around 250 sites in the lagoon and reports various relevant data, like coordinates, arch. value, and survey data. The environmental database contains relevant maps with factors considered risk sources, like erosion and fishing activities of that area.

A risk assessment model was then created to analyze this data and determine which sites are most in need of intervention.

Risk Assessment Methodology

Risk Assessment Model

The selection of intervention is finally decided by an Intervention selection matrix. Its intent is to select the best safety measures according to the most relevant risk sources and location of the archaeological site. The DSS was tested by the Council for Cultural Heritage and proved to be very useful in determining the risk of fishing activities to various sites and implementing a new regulatory plan.

This study uses current technology to model already existing data, one of our ultimate goals. It might be very interesting and worth our time to combine the archaeological data available to our team with the Archeorisk module. The results might reveal much about Venice that was previously lost in the piles of unused records.

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